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Is shoulder pain 'really' shoulder pain?

Dr Alfie Arcidiacono, with over 28 years of experience as a Sport Chiropractor on Sydney's Northern Beaches says 'Every year we see many clients for an array of reasons, and one of the most common 'peripheral' joints requiring attention is the shoulder! We take great pride in helping those in need with the successful management of many shoulder-related injuries'

Happy Shoulder Injury Client

Why so many shoulder problems?

The shoulder, believe it or not, is one of the most complex joints of the body. Why? Because to create a joint with such an extensive range of movement, yet asking it to remain stable and controlled throughout these ranges is one of the most amazing anatomical challenges. So it stands to reason, a joint that demands such precision coordination, strength and balance is equally susceptible to injury. Without a doubt this is the case, and this is why early intervention of shoulder complaints is so time-sensitive.

Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder

Why you shouldn't ignore shoulder pain?

If you ignore shoulder pain that has not settled down within a week or two, you may risk the development of a more severe and chronic shoulder complaint, so we advise you seek an early professional chiropractic assessment by one of our sports Chiropractors.

Many common shoulder conditions like a shoulder impingment syndrome, supraspinatus bursitis, acromioclavicular degeneration, frozen shoulder, shoulder strains and sprains, biceps tendonitis and swimming's shoulder to name a few starts with a slip or fall, which leads to inflammation of the injured shoulder.

The body compensates to 'protect' the injured shoulder by using other muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints demanding more from structures 'not' designed to take such forces, and subsequently changing the shoulder neurology to adapt to what is considered the new 'norm'. Over weeks and months, the structures will become damaged, which was a precursor to the simple ache or pain your thought would 'go away'.

Why is 'referred' shoulder pain important?

When it comes to shoulder pain, you deserve nothing less than world-class knowledge and expertise from our team of highly skilled Chiropractors to ensure your shoulder pain is 'actually' the source of pain itself. The team at Chirsports Northern Beaches and Back to Movement mission is to get you 'back to movement' as soon as possible, and negating the many other reasons for 'referred' shoulder pain.

'Referred shoulder pain' is pain that derives from another area of your body but presents as 'shoulder pain'. After a thorough history and examination, if your Chiropractor feels the pain may be referred pain from another area, they may consider further tests or speak with your GP to ensure a collaborative approach to your care to provide the best outcomes.

Common causes of referred shoulder pain, but not limited to:

1. Abdominal conditions such as gallstones, pancreatitis,

2. Cardiovascular conditions such as angina, heart attack or pericarditis.

3. Respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, pleurisy, malignancy, etc.

4. Pelvic conditions such as a ruptured ovarian cyst.

5. Neurological conditions such as a pinched nerve in the neck, thoracic outlet syndrome.

6. Plus many other causes too long to list.

Successful chiropractic management of shoulder pain & much more.

The good news is most shoulder complaints our Chiropractors successfully treat are musculoskeletal, and it is imperative our comprehensive 'global' approach to your care addresses any neurological 'neck' related component exacerbated by poor posture leading to poor shoulder posture and pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

If at any time we feel after following your prescriptive 'hands-on' care and rehabilitation plan with great diligence, yet fail to meet the estimated milestones for healing, we will tirelessly work with you to get to the bottom of your shoulder pain.

How to best avoid failed shoulder pain?

We have observed one of the primary reasons people fail to achieve the results they desire for shoulder pain relief is because they are seeking an unrealistic 'quick fix' that does not exist. Successfully managing shoulder complaints takes great patience, hard work and commitment both inside and outside of the practice. The healing process is slow...that's just how nature works! During your care please never hesitate to reach out and ask questions if we can help support you better on your healing journey.


Dr Alfie Arcidiacono

Clinic Director & Founder

Chirosports & Back to Movement