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Which Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement Should I Take & Why?

Do you remember that old advert years ago for cars 'Oils Ain’t Oils?' This is actually a fact when it comes to your machine......your body.

Remember 'garbage in, garbage out!'

Make sure your ‘Fish Oils’ Are Surpassing the Standards

You may have noticed that with such a large range of supplements that exist, why prescribe Metagenics. Simple! It is a ‘practitioner only’ supplement, and this means most products have a higher ‘therapeutic’ versus ‘minimum’ dosage, therefore more effective.

Metapure Fish Oil is a staple ‘lifesaver” for our clients!

It helps temporarily relieve the pain and inflammation from mild arthritis and improve mood and cognition, plus maintain healthy triglyceride levels and cardiovascular function.

Five big reasons for the right omega-3 fish oils……

  1. Purity - Metagenics removes impurities, pesticides and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) so you are provided with a high quality and pure fish oil.

  2. Quality - Metagenics fish oils are manufactured using nitrogen flushing to produce formulas that are fresh and are protected from oxidation.

  3. Range of Fish Oils for Specific Conditions - Metagenics have carefully created a range of fish oil products that contain therapeutic amounts of EPA and DHA to help with a variety of common health conditions.

  4. Taste - Metagenics fish oils have a light fruity taste and do not contain synthetic flavours or sweeteners, so they are suitable for the most sensitive of individuals

  5. Sustainable Sourcing - Metagenics supports sustainable fishing and marine conservation by only sourcing small fish species using sustainable fishing practices

If you ever have any questions regarding this topic, or wish to recommend a friend to learn more about the safest and most effective options, please contact us and we can gain access to some source data from Metagenics at your request.