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Our New Website...We’d Love Some Ideas

We Need Your Genius Please!

We have just been in the process of developing our website (, and it is still in Phase One. At this early stage, we have much work ahead, and have a clear idea on the direction we want to take the website. But we need your help to shape it with great ideas and genius concepts to bring it to life as a more interactive site.

The Client Centric Website

We believe that the website should not be a static brochure, but a site that has a great user-design experience and flow, attractive for new clients to feel Chirosports is a professional and trusted primary health practice, the first practice of choice, a fantastic resource of information for clients and eventually a range of useful tools you can eventually print out or share.

Our Future Plans

1. Online Bookings

2. All Common Conditions Chirosports can help by Type, Sport and Body Region.

3. Exclusive VIP Client Only Members Only Area

4. Events Calendar for Special Guest Health Education

5. Online Chirosports YouTube Channel for "How To......Exercise, Set Up Your Desk, etc"

6. Chirosports Partners Page for Related or Value Add Community Services

7. Chirosports Website Resources for additional support services (e.g. Arthritis Aust.)

In this process, we would love you to review our preliminary efforts, and note that the online and mobile version will offer slightly different experiences.

I'd Love Some Specific Feedback On

1. What would topics would find of great value to be online?

2. What don't you like on our website?

3. How do you think we could better engage our current clients?

4. How do you think we could attract more visitor to our site?

5. How would you rate our site as a new clients in terms of "professionalism, trust, etc?"

6. As a potential new client what could we ethically do for us to be first choice?

7. What type of resources would you like to have available online?

8. What video topics may be good for us to record to help our clients with FAQ's?

9. How could we develop a page if you were to recommend us, that you could share with a friend or colleague that has never used our services?

10. How can we better use social media to support you?

We would love you to provide any feedback with our forms at frontdesk or email with any ideas, input and feedback as a part of our health tribe.

Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono