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Should I Be TAKING Magnesium Supplements?

The Power of High Octane Bioavailable Magnesium.

In simple terms we would hope you are getting all of your nutritional needs with a solid, healthy diet, but in reality with poor diets, no time, busy lifestyles, various stressful occupations, certain health conditions, high demanding sports or because of depleted nutrient soils.....there are many who may benefit from magnesium supplementation.

However not all supplements are made equal, so how do you choose what is best? As a practitioner at the coal-face of clinical results following our hands-on care and recommendations regarding supplementation, we get to see 'what works' and 'what does not work', and may the 'why' for each.

Why Don't People Take Magnesium Supplements?

There are many reason a supplement may or may not work....and we have seen so many clients come to us who have 'given up' on taking supplements because:

1. They had poor compliance and not disciplined in regular doses.

2. They did not see the results and had given up.

3. It upset they tummy.

4. It taste aweful.

5 it is too expensive.

However, one of the greatest frustrations is when we know there is a solution for a client, but maybe a bad experience has turned them off. We are offered an array of various supplements to promote, and the we ONLY choose to use Metagenics for our clients. Why? Because this is what i choose to use for myself and my family. They are high dose, high quality, stable and most importantly in the case of this magnesium example ..."bioavailable".

What does 'bioavailable' magnesium mean?

It is no good if someone is buying magnesium, thinking they are getting a great deal to find out that the magnesium formula cannot be absorbed by the gut, so it is flushed out into the deep blue ocean, and furthermore causes great stomach upsets in the process. What was considered a cheap product is now an expensive waste of time...and pain. The Metapure Practitioner Only range is compounded with two special compounds called "DiGlycinate" that helps carry the Magnesium into the gut where it can be more fully absorbed and utilised without causing pain or discomfort. In those that requiring supplementation in particular, we will see lots of improvements, often very quickly.

In healthy people, the unique bioavailable magnesium exclusive to Metagenics plus the synergistic micronutrients in Fibroplex Plus, Calm X, Energy X and Cardio X clinically may assist in

(1) support for muscular aches, spasm and cramping.

(2) support production of cellular energy.

3 Support healthy blood glucose levels.

Please note that they variances in the magnesium range depend on your specific needs.

More specifically.......

Calm X’ can help further support a healthy stress response & assist urinary alkalisation and reduce acidity.

‘Energy X’ can support fatigue and lethargy, support a healthy thyroid hormone synthesis and activation & cellular energy.