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Knee Pain? Save The Surgery!

Already we have seen plenty of knee reconstruction post-operative cases, some acute and others chronic, plus the overuse and malalignment from running and other crazy stuff us humans do just for fun and fitness!

But we don't want to see post-surgery rehabilitation, unless we have too!

Have you heard of 'Pre-Hab?'

At Chirosports whilst very good at managing acute pain, we believe it's all about 'prevention'. So let's talk PRE-HAB!

When it comes to your knee pain and management, we have found that a holistic approach from the disciplines of physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, orthopaedics and exercise physiology that more results in a more timely and complete recovery, and we always try to avert nasty surprises if pushed 'too hard, too soon'.

It is really a 'fine line' between pushing hard enough, but not to hard you trip!, A well executed strategy, experience, and perfect timing are the keys to success. However, if surgery is on the cards, we will design a proactive ‘prehab’ program to avoid a lengthy, and avoidable recovery.

WARNING: Understandably, when in pain, we can make irrational decisions looking for a quick fix. Some interesting research has revealed that many people can sometimes avoid a knee arthroscopy altogether because after a period of time, proper care will potentially get you back to, or close to normal.

If you want to get back onto your feet speak to us about the most effective care and postoperative rehabilitation program at Chirosports. However, if you do need surgery….. please consult with us BEFORE the surgery....preferably many weeks or even months ahead.