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Are You Driven By Motivation or Inspiration?

Chiropractic practice is not a fitness boot camp, and it is not about using some professional authority to command action, beat our chest and demand your participation. Such a technique is short lived and this is not justified as being in the patient's best interest.

Simply put, when it comes to health and wellness, motivation is outside in; inspiration is inside out.

Motivation, like a aspirin or any other medication changes blood chemistry (or any other outside-in process), must be continually replenished to maintain its effect. However, when our intent is inspiration, and clients can be inspired then we see an intrinsic change of behaviours that sees our clients become self directed.

Our job as your Chiropractor is to inspire our clients; for our team of practitioners to show up curious enough to uncover our patient's deepest hopes and dreams, and delivering our care in such a way as to tap into our clients world and acknowledge their preexisting desires and what they really want. I

Guess what..........t's usually more than just pain relief.

What do you want? What inspires you to take action?


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