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Are you at risk of addiction?

If you don’t think 'prescription' addiction is happening in our own backyards and streets of Sydney's Northern Beaches you maybe sadly disappointed.

If you think the addiction has to be hard core heroin or ice, you are wrong!


Maybe you have heard of prescription medication like opioids called Oxycontin and Endone, or more recently Fentanyl that killed Prince and Heath Ledger as a ‘pain-killer’ accidental overdose? See, these people rarely start ever expecting to land the title of ‘addict’, but it often starts with an extra panadol or anti-inflammatory medication, than escalates beyond ‘normal’ use.

Back Pain Merry-Go-Round

At Chirosports Northern Beaches, Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono is a leading expert in spinal health and sports injuries and understands the serious way pain impacts on a persons life. Most people just hope is 'goes away', and often just start by 'masking' the pain rather than correcting the underlying dysfunction that ultimately impacts upon the nervous system. Before you know it they are on what Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono refers to as the 'Back Pain Merry-Go-Round' running from GP to GP, and medication to medication seeking stronger and stronger medications until standard medications no longer work!

A Northern Beaches Health Crisis Too!

Unfortunately this often silent downhill spiral sneaks up and before you know it, and suprisingly one may develop an insidious drug dependency. This is not a Kings Cross issue, but a mum and dad issue happening locally in places like Narrabeen, Warriewood, Mona Vale, Newport, Avalon, Dee Why and down to Manly! Like most addictions, it not really about the 'quantity' of medication, but more the daily 'dependency' upon the medication. If you have to 'rely' on pain killers, then this may be an issue worth discussing as the consequences will be bigger than the initial spinal or low back pain relief you initially were searching for.

Early Intervention the Key to Success

If you know anyone that is experiencing any nerve, joint or muscle pain, suggest they speak with Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono or one of his professional team members as soon as possible. Early intervention is often the most effective strategy to avoid chronic pain patterns developing. As a referral based practice, most of our greatest clients come via a recommendation where a friends are offering our details to help them find a drug-free, natural, fast, effective pain relief solution.

Listen to the Warning Signs

The best advice is 'don't ignore pain' as this is a warning sign. Why? Because these small pain issues become more deeply ingrained or hard-wired into the fabric of your nervous system, risking longer term chronic pain patterns after the initial cause has long gone. Get professional advice and prescribe to a holistic approach with Chiropractic care, exercise prescription' lifestyle modifcation and pain management advice by being smart and acting early!