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A Pain In The Neck! Wry?

As we starting getting more active with the warmer seasons we wake up sleeping giants or latent problems that tend to react with the new found vigor and energy that comes with spring and summer.

Like a motor vehicle, things work best in our body when the engine is ‘warmed up’. If not, our joints, muscles and ligaments be stiffness up. After a night of sleep perhaps without the right pillow, a cool chill or a bit of pre-existing wear and tear, we find that not only are we stiff, but any sudden or wrong move highlights our hidden areas of dysfunction, sometimes causing a nightmare of pain.

Over the past weeks there has been an influx of painful tears with neck pain with the up and down of daily temperatures, and whilst we can offer some great assistance, the trick is to avoid such problems in the first place if possible.

Here are a few smartmoves to help you avoid neck pain and find neck pain relief:

1. Keep your neck warm and avoid any sudden cold drafts or chills in the cool.

2. In the warmer months avoid the draft of an airconditioning vent over you neck area. 2. Sleep on your back or side, and always use a contour chiropractic pillow. 3. Have you spine regularly adjusted to ensure healthy movement and nerve function. 4. Do you exercises advised by your chiropractor regularly. 5. Adopt excellent workplace posture, adjust your car seat to suit and avoid risk factors.

There are many reasons for spinal pain, most are not serious per se, but can cause serious pain. However, also be mindful in rarer circumstance there can be more serious reasons for neck pain that require careful attention and diagnostic assessment by a qualified professional such a chiropractor. If you require more information to see how Chiropractic care can help please visit our website, or contact Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono and his team at Chirosports Northern Beaches on 02 9970 7611.