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Acting fast and early intervention after the onset low back, nerve pain like sciatica or a disc injury will most often see more complete and successful outcomes, and with this low back pain relief our goal is not to let a chronic pain pattern to develop. All we do all day is help people suffering and frustrated with the pain that stops them living life; and our success is in helping our loyal clients not just get out of pain, but fix the cause of low back pain and develop a long strategy to bring back their spinal confidence to live to their potential.

Living with back pain is not normal, and with over 80% of the population experiencing it at least once, the concern is that 65% of these can develop chronic low back pain pattern. Let us avoid a statistic, and develop a carefully systematic and personalized approach to get fast, effective low back relief today. Call 9970 7611 or visit our website for more details by clicking on link just below.

What is 'really causing your pain?

Pinched Nerve? Disc? Muscle?

Looking for fast, effective relief of acute or chronic low back pain and leg pain? Maybe you just want some relief or preferably to stop the pins & needles or want to understand why your upper leg or calf muscle feels numb. This may occur to a disc injury, and a pinched sciatic nerve that causes back pain when you sleep or you experience back pain with constipation. Schedule an appointment if you need low back pain relief fast.

Joints that click, groan & moan

Want Low Back Pain Relief?

One of the biggest problems with managing and providing successful low back pain relief and sciatica treatment is that by the time I see many patients looking for low back pain relief, they have developed severe back pain and ‘any’ treatment for lower back pain looks tempting. By this time they may also be experiencing neck pain, and mid back pain too, complaining their joints ‘click’, creak and groan with every moment, often feeling stiff in the morning when waking up, older than their years. Maybe it’s arthritis? But sort of arthritis? Osteoarthritis? Rheumatoid? There is often areas of multiple joint pain after everything compensates for too long, and you may feel ‘out of balance’ or ‘out of alignment’. Book an appointment if you need help easing your low back pain.

Sick of the 'Low Back Pain Merry-Go-Round?'

Time to Get Off & Fix the Cause

Unfortunately, after what we call the ‘lower back merry-go-round’ where they search for the best physiotherapist, doctor or massage therapist from Warriewood to Whale Beach, Avalon to Allambie Heights, Narrabeen to Newport, Mona Vale to Manly and Collaroy to Curl Curl. Whilst your medical doctor may prescribe Nurofen, Voltaren, Codeine, Mobic or more serious painkillers for low back pain like Endone which relieves pain, it does not often address the cause. And more physiotherapy or massage just rubbing muscles may ‘feel good’ at the time, but it’s more often the muscles have nothing to do with the cause. If muscle pain was the cause you would have found low back relief already. Schedule an appointment if you need low back pain relief fast. You are welcome to call on 9970 7611 and discuss your back pain to see if we can help.

Quality Care From Spine & Sport Authority

Northern Beaches Chiropractor

If you are still experiencing chronic low back pain, or currently have severe and acute low back pain it is important a professional low back pain opinion is made by one of the Northern Beaches best local Sports Chiropractors, Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono and his team. There are many reasons for back aches, from ‘kidney back pain’, to more serious causes of low back pain. We can organise a lower back plain film x ray or a lumbar MRI. Our goal is to not only provide fast, effective pain relief, but to fix the cause of low back pain with an accurate diagnosis to help you find low back relief in the short term, but more important ease your low pain in the future. Schedule an appointment and get the best chiropractic advice today.

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The comprehensive approach at Chirosports Northern Beaches is unique because Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono only takes an integrative whole body approach, from gentle hands-on’ techniques to give you fast pain relief to get you mobile to settle you in the inflammatory phase; followed by a corrective care phase for those seeking a comprehensive management plan involving exercise prescription, spinal rehab and spinal hygiene advice; and finally a preventative maintenance program to keep you well-adjusted for life, and maybe a focus on high performance care for those wishing to pursue their favourite sport or recreational pastime, or for those needing a ‘return to work’ level of fitness. over 90% of our practice referrals are by 'word of mouth' because of our results and service experience. If you recommend us please have them mention your name.

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Whatever your goal, we have your back! This is our guarantee to you. If you are looking for a spine expert to find fast, effective pain relief then Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono & his team at the Chirosports Northern Beaches practice really do know how to address your healthcare needs. With over 25 years of spinal health, sports injury & movement expertise we want to ensure we deliver the highest level of care and appropriate referral to allied health partners.

Schedule an appointment today and experience our expertise first hand, and why Chirosports is the Northern Beaches leading Chiropactic practice for spinal pain relief.

Teamwork Is Our Secret

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A professional and friendly approach is a standard expectation of care that we provide to each and every one of our valued clients at Chirosports. It is essential that teamwork between the chiropractor and client is directed towards a common goal with relevant milestones and clinical expectations outlined on each step of the health journey. Often collaboration is required with other healthcare practitioners in the interest of providing the highest standards of diagnostic investigation, treatment and preventative care.