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The Chirosports Media Centre will provide information in a number of formats from useful client friendly PDFs, topical health-related news, research topics of interest and an array of videos for your perusal. We welcome any suggestions for topics that may be of interest in the future.

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This is your News Article. It’s a great place to update your visitors about industry news, or publish relevant announcements about your company your products, or your organisation. This short eight minute video simply, succinctly and beautifully explains chiropractic care to anyone either considering chiropractic care, for those new to chiropractic care or for those that have been under chiropractic care and would enjoy a refreshing and modern explanation that they could share with others. If you feel somebody could benefit from chiropractic care I welcome you to share this link to help them gain a very positive insight into one of the most powerful healing modalities that is a 100% natural and drug free solution.

Chiropractic care has been one of the most effective, powerful and results driven techniques that has benefited hundreds of millions of clients over the last century. No profession could have withstood the test of time, and the challenges of a drug driven establishment unless in itself the principles and beliefs of chiropractic care could hold up to the scrutiny of the many satisfied clients that have continued to embrace and share their chiropractic experience.

Chiropractic today is taught at hundreds of top tier universities around the world, requiring all chiropractors to hold registration to national healthcare boards to maintain world standards; and chiropractors working shoulder to shoulder in an integrative healthcare environment with other complementary and allopathic healthcare practitioners.

Get inspired by this short, but powerful slide that will move you to the truth of inner health.

The Big Idea - Brilliant

Thankyou for watching and sharing this slideshow format of the 1944 inspirational BJ Palmer concept about Chiropractic to the backdrop of beautiful music.

The ‘big idea’ was one of the original and inspirational foundational concepts put forward by the son of the chiropractic founder DD Palmer, BJ Palmer. This is one of the most moving and inspirational slides which reminds us once again of the simplicity and beauty of Chiropractic, and reinforces us that we all of a powerful, innate and natural wisdom to be healthy.

The ‘butterfly’ effect of one human being and their effect up the world can be significant, and maybe through the words of one of our satisfied clients sharing their story with others, may they also be an inspirational catalyst to help another human being to feel better, look better and live better.

Chiropractic Adjustment Information

What Is The Cracking Sound in Chiropractic Adjustments

This is your News Article. It’s a great place to update your visitors about industry news, or publish relevant announcements about your company your products, or your organisation. You can also use this space to publish relevant tips and resources to your visitors.

Informational Articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged. Choose a great image or photo to feature in your article or add a video for extra engagement! Keep it interesting and relevant so that your readers read it through till the very end.

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If you were told you could get fit with just a few minutes of exercise a week, would you?

Fit In 6 Minutes

This is one of the most powerful, and favourite series from Catalyst on ABC that I have seen and recommended it thousands of times to clients and friends, as it has the power to change lives. As a sports chiropractor, with a postgraduate degree in exercise and sport science and many years of physical training it is pleasing to see that the science is now supporting the observations that I have noted over the past 25 years both personally and with our client base. Most people are scared to exercise because it may hurt, it may be too difficult, it may be tiring, it may cause me to sweat or in some cases people use the excuse that they are ‘allergic’ to exercise.

The benefits of exercise are profound and positively influence every part of your body. Investing six minutes per day into your health and fitness may be the smartest move you will ever make. Perhaps it is time we reversed our thinking and considered the consequences to our health, performance and mindset if we do not exercise in the sedentary world of the 21st century.

If you were told you could get fit with just a few minutes of exercise a week, would you believe it? It sounds too good to be true, right?

But like a new drug on the market – sprint interval training promises to do just that by rapidly boosting the energy centres of your cells – mitochondria.

Each person has around ten million, billion mitochondria, around ten percent of their body weight. With mitochondrial decline linked to many of our most common chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and even ageing, improving their function can have dramatic transformative effects on your health and fitness.

In this episode Anja Taylor investigates the science behind low volume, high intensity training, and takes on the challenge of going from couch slouch to fighting fit, with just six minutes of exercise a week.