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Chirosports Northern Beaches Treats Back Pain

Is Your Back, Neck or Sciatic Pain Preventing You From Enjoying Life?

Is Your Back, Neck, or Sciatica Pain Preventing You From Enjoying Life The Way You Are Used To? Find our more.

Chirosports Northern Beaches treats back pain, by focusing on the cause of the pain not merely symptoms. With our expertise taking on a ‘natural’ and ‘hands-on’ we do it without any drugs, injections, or surgery!

Some of the conditions that respond well with Chiropractic treatment include:

1. Sciatica
2. Herniated Discs
3. Bulging Discs
4. Stenosis
5. Arthritis

If you are suffering with back or neck pain, either from one of these conditions or something else, Chiropractic may help! Your first step is to schedule a neuro-musculoskeletal assessment, where you will meet with Dr. Arcidiacono or one of the highly skilled practitioners who will answer your questions, review your case, and determine your correct course of treatment.

There is no obligation, and the neuro-musculoskeletal assessment fee is only $50.

To schedule your assessment, you can click here, on the picture above, or call 02 9970 7611.